ACCR is an applied graphene solutions company.


How to identify quality graphene, and why is graphene important?

Graphene Production

ACCR is a global leader in the Research & Development of Graphene and Graphene related technologies. Nick Ciparro, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of ACCR discovered a proprietary process of producing Pristine (no defects) Graphene in commercial quantities. Our graphene is available as a nanoplatelet powder that is 87% 1-3 layers. We can produce more than 120 tons per month. We produce the highest quality commercially viable graphene on the market today.


Graphene Technical Consulting

ACCR has worked with more pristine graphene than anyone. Through our extensive experience, we have figured out that there is an extremely steep learning curve when working with graphene. It is not as simple as sprinkling graphene into a material to improve it. To maximize graphene's effectiveness, graphene needs to be treated as part of a system, where additional chemistry may be needed to prevent agglomeration, and to tune the material to achieve optimal attribute characteristics. Our customers' success in working with graphene is our highest priority, so we encourage all of our customers to learn from our failures and our successes.

Ballistic armor plates.

Ballistic Armor

ACCR has harnessed the power of graphene to create the world’s most lightweight armor systems. ACCR’s armor currently being evaluated by government agencies and third parties. We expect our armor to be available for sale in early 2020. Please contact us to be added to our waiting list.


Graphene Research & Development

We have several new materials in late-stage development (technology readiness level 7+). We are currently seeking strategic partners to help us bring these technologies to market. We have worked with graphene in a wide range of materials from concrete to complex polymers. We are confident in our ability to integrate graphene into most man-made materials.

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